Things we are currently working on - January-February-March 2021
  • We have moved 83 people in a Higson family from our main website to this site,
    you can see them from the "Higson Family Tree" on the CHARTS page.
  • We are re-organising and expanding the "Urmston Leech" data for the Leech, Adami, Browne, Ault Lowe families.
    We have added a descendant tree for the BROWNE family.
  • We have made a few amendments/additions to the Canadian/USA Leech family.yellow

Changes 2020
  • We have COMPLETELY re-organised the database which is used to create this website.
    All the people have new identity codes (#numbers), so any saved links will not work.
    The family tree charts (descendants charts) are working, and the "Family Lists" have been renewed and restored.
    We are working to add more features.
  • We currently have access to the "UK library edition" of the Ancestry website, which we are using to fill in the gaps in our USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand information.
  • We continue to amend and clarify sources, and to add detail to citations.
    The census details and IGI references, which were missing, should now be visible.
    We are working to clarify and modernise them.
  • Information from Canadian & US census will be shown in a new format.
  • Where we have found obituaries, their existence is now shown even if we have been unable to access the details.
  • Each person's timeline now contains details of the birth (and deaths) of children, and the deaths of parents
  • We are modifying the way we record information about marriages to be neater and consistent.