Robert Kay

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1869His daughter Elizabeth Ann Kay was born.1


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Elizabeth Ann Kay

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Family 1: James Whitehead (28 Oct 1866-1 May 1892)

Family 2: Alfred Bulcock


Married Name: Elizabeth Ann Whitehead 1st marriage.1
Married Name: Elizabeth Ann Bulcock 2nd marriage.


1869Elizabeth Ann Kay was born.
19 at marriage 1888.1
15 Dec 1888She married James Whitehead, son of James Whitehead and Martha Howarth, at St Martin, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire.
James, 22, bachelor, Labourer, Manchet Hall; Father: James Whitehead, Labourer
Elizabeth, 19, spinster, 115 Manchester Rd; Father: Robert Kay, shoemaker

Identified witnesses: Martha Whitehead.2
30 Jun 1889Her son James Whitehead was baptized at St Martin, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire.3
31 May 1891Her son Thomas Whitehead was baptized at St Martin, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire.3
1 May 1892Her husband, James died at Manchet Hall, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancashire.4,5
18 Jan 1896Elizabeth Ann Kay married Alfred Bulcock.6


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Alfred Bulcock

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Family: Elizabeth Ann Kay (1869-)


18 Jan 1896Alfred Bulcock married Elizabeth Ann Kay, daughter of Robert Kay.1


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