(Braithwaite), Hannahc 18051838Descrepancy between memorial date of death (6th June 1838 - transcribed as 6/6/1858) and church records of burial on 3rd June 1838.
Adam, William1851Listed in 1851 census as 'William Rodger'. Probable census enumerator error with 'Ditto'
Allen, Sarahc 18161851 census information incorrectly recorded. She was married to John Roose in 1848 & her daughter born in 1850 was registered as Roose.
Arnfield, Harry1898c 1967Harry was one of 13 children
Arnfield, RobertRobert and Mary had 13 children including 1 set of twins. In 1911 they recorded 11 children living and 2 had died
Ashmore, Williamc 1840No records found of William after 1871
Ashton, Annie1897Mother Ann Ashton (nee Beard) died January 1898
Bagshaw, Jamesc 18601923Applied to Join Army. Stated Age 40 years, actual age 54. REJECTED after 3 days.
Bibbey, Mary Ann1834Mary's father spelt surname Bibbey, her first husband spelt his Bibby. Therefore Mary and her siblings are Bibbey and married Mary and her children are Bibby
Bibby, Mark1816No record of these people after 1851
Bonsall, Joseph1831Two Joseph Bonsall's born around 1830 in Monyash, Derbyshire after 1861 the two cannot be distinguished
Bowden, Bettyc 17871866On one census only it was indicated Elizabeth (Betty) Bowden originated from Grindlow, Derbyshire. No verification of this, or any other origin, has yet been found.
Brunt, Sydneyc 1892c 1966Imbecile from birth - see 1911 census
Butler, Jamesc 18651929all James and Ruth's children were registered with name Sharman
United Lodge of Freemasons, Bolton
Butler, Richardc 1876Birth Registration is only document showing Richard, no entry for a death. His mother died soon after his birth so Richard may have been adopted and his name changed.
Champion, Ellen Christina A1897c 1955Adult Baptism, age 16
Clegg, Edward1855Place of birth varies - Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Leeds
Clover, D W18051882Opened Inn
Craigg, Susannac 1849c 1917Surname spelt differently on different occasions. Craig, Craigs, Cragg, Craggs, Craigg, Craiggs
Crutcher, Thomas1903Thomas had a wife and house in Salisbury and a Housekeeper, daughters and house in Romsey. His probate gives both addresses as his place of residence. He appears at both addresses in the 1891 census, in Ivy Street, Salisbury with wife Isabella Crutcher and at Mainstone Farm, Romsey with Housekeeper Laura Onslow and their 2 children.
Dawson, (male)c 1905c 1905Birth & Death registered with no name
Dawson, Young Sam1876c 1904His given name is consistently 'YOUNG SAM'
Dewhurst, Isaac17951838Isaac may have been baptised as a child which would account for difference in calculated age and age given at death.
Donald, Anniebt 1847 - 1851No further information about Annie after the 1881 census. She may have remarried but records from Scotland difficult to access outside Scotland.
Evans, Mary Hannah (Polly)Robert and Mary had 13 children including 1 set of twins. In 1911 they recorded 11 children living and 2 had died
Fulton, Norman Percival1899c 1969Attested when only 16
Hargreaves, Edwardc 1847No records found after 1851. No link found between Edward Hargreaves and the Whiteheads
Hargreaves, Thomas1823No records found after the birth of son Edwin
Heath, Estherc 1851Twin
Heath, Rebeccac 1854Twin
Heath, Samuelc 1851Twin
Hewitt, Thomas1814The evidence for the identity of the parents of Thomas Hewitt formerly listed was lacking. They were removed from the system in December 2017.
Hulme, May18851951Although May is registered with surname Hulme a descendant in 2017 asserted that William Hulme was not her father. William actually disappears from records after his marriage to Betty Leech in 1879 and Betty is classed as a single woman at May's baptism in 1885.
Hulme, Williams 1850Must distinguish between William Hulme & Elizabeth Leech (married St Matthew's, Stockport AMJ 1876) and William Hulme & Elizabeth Mills born Strines & married Hayfield AMJ 1876 7b1151, & lived Heaton Norris 1881,1891...
By 1981 census Elizabeth (Betty) is back with her parents and classed as single. At baptism of May in 1885 Elizabeth Hulme is given as mother, a single woman
Hurd, Ellen Brackenc 1824No records found after the birth of son Edward
Jolly, Hilda Alice19051997Robert and Hilda registered as married but marriage was in 1943
Robert and Hilda living in same house as Edmund and Ann Jollly but classed as seperate household.
Jolly, Robert19021966Robert and Hilda registered as married but marriage was in 1943
Robert and Hilda living in same house as Edmund and Ann Jollly but classed as seperate household.
Kelsall, Margaret1860Unable to find any reference after 1901 census
Lather, Joshuac 17871873Surname could be LATER, LATHER, LETHER, LEATHER, or LUTTER
Lather, Rebeccas 1790c 1878Surname could be LATER, LATHER, LETHER, LEATHER, or LUTTER
Leech, Bettyc 1850There is no record of William Hulme after the marriage entry. A daughter born in 1885 carries a note at her baptism which records Betty as a single woman.
We can find no trace of Betty Leech/Hulme after the baptism of May in 1885
Leech, Joseph18611935Distinguish from Joseph Leech, son of John, born 1860,
Leech, Thomasc 17871862Originally thought to be the son of 'Thomas Leech & Susanna', and baptized at Manchester Cathedral 6th May 1787.
No support for this asumption has been found, so the linkage has been broken.
Thomas & Susannah Leech have been moved out of the family.
Leigh, William Samuelc 1862c 19162nd wife Rose Ellen Turner was the half-sister of his first wife Phoebe Colley
Manter, Wilbur Berry19141999When WW11 broke out Rhode Island Hospital medical staff formed themselves into a military medical unit. The 48th evacuation Hospital was set up in Burma staffed by the medics of Rhode Island
Marsh, Thomas Henryc 1876no further records found for Thomas
Mellor, Marys 1816No record of these people after 1851
Nunn, Albert Edward1872Unable to find any other data online
Onslow, Laura J1867c 1951Laura J Onslow had 3 daughters all had Crutcher as their 3rd given name. in 1881 and 1891 Laura was housekeeper in the residence of Thomas Crutcher and the children described as 'Daughters in Law' to Thomas Crutcher.
Pawley, Albert Edwardc 1867c 1919Poor Law Register entries London
Pearson, George William18861980Notice in London Gazette
Claims on the estate of George William Pearson of 36 Brook Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, Builder & Contractor (Retired) who died 24 January 1980 to William & Glyn's Trust Company Limited, 45 Mosley Street, Manchester M60 2BE before 15th April 1980
Purdon, Janet17921883Because Janet had assets in Scotland and England her will had to also be proved in both
Riley, Mary A1838Do not confuse with M.A.Riley (b.1840) who married Shackleton
Riley, Mary Annc 18391897Distinguish from 'Mary A Riley' with similar bithdate
Rodger, Annie1867This is the only record of Annie we have be able to access
Rodger, Hugh18531936Hugh took the tenancy of the Crown, buildings & land (maybe 40 acres) at Hawk Green for £320.
George Tucker, carter of Stalybridge, kicked by horse in adjacent stables. Hugh ordered to pay £231 8s costs and damages. Hugh gives up tenancy
Rodger, John1846Possible emigration to Australia
Roose, Geoffrey1912c 1968Sea captain - visited relatives in South Africa
Rostron, Elizabeth1927All Joseph and Elizabeth's children died in their 20's
Royce, Johnc 1869The only information found for John Royce is the 1871 Census transcription. There may be a mistake in the transcription with his surname
Scoucell, Sarahc 18571881 census name and marital status incorrect
A lot of confusion from year to year of Sarah's surname, no records that can definitely be tied to her after 1891
Seedall, Mary Alice1869c 1897baptism before birth was registered
Shackleton, (Male)1870Ireland Births and Baptisms and Newspaper announcement of birth gave no name and no further entries can be found for this son.
Shackleton, David James18631938Became 3rd Labour Member of UK Parliament in 1902, via the Clitheroe by-election
First Labour K.C.B.
Shackleton, Johnc 18201861In 1841 John followed his Father to become the third John Shackleton to be Clerk to St Mary Todmorden
Shard, Rebeccac 1818c 1879Sarah Ann, her daughter, is listed in census as niece of Joseph & Mary (Bennett) Shard.
Shaw, Susie1899Susie Jessop rescued from sea
Smith, Elizabeth1840Parentage uncertain
Smith, Eric Frederic Seymour1904c 1983Given name 'Frederic' sometimes recorded as 'Frederick'
Sparks, Thomas1810b 1864only found record is baptism
Sparks, William18001857Not listed in 1851 census , but wife and 3 children are listed
Spence, Jane18381915Name on Birth Registration - Jane Faulkner
Stacey, Alfred19222010Merchant Seaman Medal awarded for service 1939-1945. Canada to issue. Ref R.223256 DoB 5.12.22
Stacey, Bessiec 1900Can NOT be child of John Stacey because he died January 1897
Stacey, Emily Mary1844c 1874Missing from census
Swarbrick/Cross, JamesLike his father James sometimes went by the name Swarbrick and sometimes Cross. All James children took the name Cross but their births were registered with the name Swarbrick.
Swarbrick/Cross, William1795William was born before his parents marriage, he used his legal name Swarbrick at his baptism, marriage and some census but reverted to his known name, Cross, at other times.
Swift, Isabella18531873Isabella was born dumb
Taylor, Johnc 18401901There was a second probate 7 years later, possibly when his eldest child, from his second marriage, Samuel Harold, became of age.
Whawell, Mary18191885There are two baptism entries both have a X by the entry but no explanation.
Whawell, Thomas Greensmith1833c 1858Death registered as Thomas Smith Whatnell
Butler, GeorgeMarried 4 times; 9 known children
Carruthers, Barbaramarried at same time as her sister Bertha
Carruthers, Berthamarried at same time as her sister Barbara
Conway, Frederick Jura1943Married deceased wife's deceased brother's wife
Cooper, Fred1935He married his first cousin - Dorothy Shackleton
Downs, Isaac4 wives, 7 known children
Faulkner, Isaac1805Wife, Mary Faulkner, had same surname before marriage
Faulkner, Mary1805Husband, Isaac Faulkner, had same surname
Grimshaw, John ThomasCousins
Hambleton, Sarah Elizabeth1951Probate says wife of Lemuel Leech, but Lemuel died 1947 in Fylde
Hewitt, John1845Wife, Martha Hewitt, had same surname before marriage
Hewitt, Martha1845Husband, John Hewitt, had same surname
Kirk, JohnMarriages at St Thomas Beckit, Chapel-en-le-Frith
24/Dec/1816 John Kirk = Mary Atkin
24/Dec/1816 Thomas Hobson = Ann Atkin
23/Jan/1817 Thomas Kirk = Grace Hobson
Leech, Lemuel2nd marriage 1914 to Hilda Maud Hall Lemuel listed as 'widowed', but 1st wife alive and listed as 'married' - divorce or bigamy ?
McConnell, John3 wives, 9 children
Rodger, Phyllis Jane1943Married deceased husband's deceased sister's husband
Rodger, William1859Age at marriage, in church register, given as 20 years. Age calculated from birth date is 17 years 9 days
Shackleton, Dorothy1935She married her cousin - Fred Cooper
Shackleton, JohnMarriage: 2 wives, possibly 17 children
Ashton, Mary1777She was buried 1 week after youngest daughter's baptism
Bibby, Thomas1893Married 24th January, buried about week later on 8th February
Blackwell, Samuel1940Died 4 days after his wife May Ann
Burton, JosephRecords for Dukinfield area very sparse for this time. Joseph may have been married twice, both wives named Sarah. Nothing definite for Joseph's death, nor his birth
Clayton, Samuel1840Three of his children, John, Ann, and Ellen, were buried within a week in October 1840. Only Samuel survived.
Colley, William1867Killed by nephew
Nichol, Thomas Thompson1876Burial register says he died of being kicked; abode: Wood End, Disley
Owen, Thomas1861The only matching Death Registration (Name, Year, Age) is in the quarter AFTER the burial
Parker, George1826Twins (George & William) Parker buried within 3 days of each other.
Parker, William1826Twins (George & William) Parker buried within 3 days of each other.
Rodger, John1875Drowned in canal, age 6, at Wood End, Disley
Schofield, SarahRecords for Dukinfield area sparse, no further definite records found for Sarah Schofield. She may have been Joseph Burton's second wife
Shackleton, Valda Dorothy1995There are two death Registration entries, one probate, but no marriage found
Whawell, James1879Died of Yellow fever, at sea, off Maracaibo, Venezuela. All property destroyed
Worrall, George1848Died 2 weeks after his wife Ellen
Multiple Census Entries
Crutcher, Thomas1891He appears at two addresses in the 1891 census, in Ivy Street, Salisbury with wife Isabella Crutcher and at Mainstone Farm, Romsey with Housekeeper Laura Onslow and their 2 children.
Leech, Esther18441851Two entries - with Parents and with Grandparents.
Leech, John Thomasc 18501861Two entries - with both sets of Grandparents
Longson, Hannah18271861Two entries - with mother at Glossop, also with sister at Marple Ridge
Longson, Mary Elizabeth18821911She, and her two young children, are is listed in two census entries. With her husband in Ambergate, and with her parents in Reddish.
Parrott, Edwin18871911Two entries - with his parents, also with his wife & children at the adjacent house.
Rigby, Edith Mary18981901Two entries - with parents in Nelson, also with uncle & aunt in Heapey
Rodger, John18601881Both with Father, lodging in Accrington AND at home with mother